How to Make More Money & Gain Clients for Massage Therapists

August 1st, 2024
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Why Massage Therapists Need to Sell eGift Cards

Today’s consumers love Massage/Spa eGift cards due to their instant email deliverability.

It is the perfect gift to give someone you care about to relax and get pampered in a calming and serene surrounding.

For the busy, last-minute shopper, buying eGift cards from a favorite local Massage Spa Care Center is a lifesaver.

Once you effortlessly customers can start buying a Massage/Spa eGift Card from your website for all their friends and family!

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Why it's a MUST to Sell eGift Cards

Massage Therapy is a service industry and in some cases considered a luxury.

Perhaps, sometimes customers wouldn buy from time to time. Ofcourse, You have your loyal client base who understand the value of massage therapy.

To some people It’s may have seen as a treat, gift or a special occasion. A lot of people in this world people have not received a professional massage ever!

And trust me they need one!

They need YOU!

That’s why I am here to tell you this proven revenue boosting concept!

By selling eGift Cards, You WILL get you NEW Clients.

Not only will get new clients…

You Will be Increasing your Overall Revenue.

Because you will be selling you eGift Cards online anywhere, all the time! Instantly to clients new and old from your businesses's website 24/7.

Your Spa business can start making more money immediately by selling eGift Cards!

Even when your Massage Therapy Spa isn’t open, and your doors are closed. You will still be making money.

During this time, you can be at the café, practicing yoga, going for a jog, vacation, meditate or whatever you enjoy.

With Gift Card Suite, You will constantly be making money because the internet is always online!

REMEMBER The first massage therapist who implemented eGift Cards made over $12,000 dollars in her first year!


See our Walk Through Tutorials Below :)

Gift Card Suite Video Tutorials

How Gift Card Suite Works

A success story of a massage therapy and spa owner who decided to start selling eGift Cards.

A female business owner of a massage and therapy spa was looking to increase her revenue and clienttell. Her name is Steffanie and she loves massage therapy. When customers walked into her massage spa they would often leave very relaxed and satisfied.

Steffanie’s small business made people at peace and very calm. After a one-hour massage session you are sure to leave feeling with renewed energy.

Many of her clients would return. Most of her clientele was through word of mouth or her loyal base.

Although, you would quickly pass her massage therapy wellness spa and not have a clue as to what it is. Let alone even see it.

She offered an amazing service, it was still regarded as a want and not a need. Massage therapy is a luxury to most consumers; something they do once, occasionally or never at all. She had few clients who would return on a regular basis.

One year her community took a hit and as a result, her business suffered!

People were saving money and spending less on luxurious experiences like massage therapy.

Steffanie was worried and concerned about the future of her business. Her first thought was to market her business through print ads. She would spend thousands on advertisements in the local newspapers with little results.

As determined as she was, she didn’t want to cut cost on the quality of the massage experience, so she chose to advertise through another avenue.

She purchased a few local radio advertisements hoping her message would be heard.

Her message was heard and cost her even more money and still she did not see a difference in her revenue.

Now she was starting to lose hope in advertising and believed she must start cutting expenses. She thought if she can’t earn more in this time, she must start to save more.

She began to cut employee hours, close shop earlier and use fewer resources. This still didn’t help her business turn around. It only hurt it, due to the decline in quality.

She called up her girlfriend, Michelle who was running a successful massage spa a few towns away. Michelle was Steffanie’s inspiration for opening her spa in the first place.

Something was strange because even with the same economic climate, Michelle’s spa was successful and Steffanie’s wasn’t.

Steffanie asked herself what is she doing differently?

She then quickly asked her successful friend Michelle the same question.

Michelle quickly answered we are in a luxury business. Often our services are seen as gifts.

Michelle credits most of her newly earned to selling gift cards.

Steffanie said I sell gift cards too, but what’s the difference?

Michelle asked, well do you sell them online?

Steffanie said no but I have a website that says we sell them in the store.

Michelle says as soon as I started selling gift cards online from my businesses website I saw a dramatic difference in the income and a boost in new clients.

Steffanie asks why?

Selling eGift Cards cost nothing upfront opposed to those costly plastic gift cards you can only buy in store. Plus eGift Cards can be sold at anytime even when my massage therapy spa is closed.

Steffanie then asks…

How does eGift Cards gain you new customers?

She said 100% of people who buy eGift Cards give them as a gift. This brings in new customers. The new customers sometimes become regulars and then buy eGift Cards for their friends and so on.

Ever since I signed up to Gift Card Suite my business has been snow balling with success!

Steffanie is now enlightened and excited to Started her 7 Day Free Trial with a 90 Day Money Guarantee on Gift Card!

She at first thought is this going to be difficult to set up?

I am not that tech savvy she would often say.

Michelle made her feel safe by mentioning Gift Card Suite offered amazing customer service and walk through video tutorials that held her hand while setting her online gift card shop. She was done in minutes!

Gift Card Suite Resources

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• PHONE: (631) 600-3133

How Gift Card Suite Works

Gift Card Suite Video Tutorials

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How She Promoted Her Gift Card Shop

She would add a link to her website, rub her hands together and grew excited for her fortunate future. A week went by and only a few people would buy eGift Cards off her web site. She would became frustrated and say why isn’t this program working for me? But work's so well for Michelle?

She would call up her friend Michelle and ask how come your eGift Cards are selling more then mine are?

Michelle responded have you told your customers you sell eGift Cards? She said yes! I added it in as a menu item to my website.

Michelle says and what else did you do? Steffanie said nothing else, that was all I did.

Michelle says that’s your problem right there!

Your customers and potential customer don’t even know you sell eGift Cards.

Michelle says, You must let your customers know you sell eGift Cards!

And remind them from time to time, if not often in order to have success! Just like selling anything else!

Steffanie begins to send out weekly email blasts that she is selling eGift Cards.

Day to day, Steffanie promotes her eGift Card shop on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts.

Steffanie's business cards and print media would mention they sells eGift Cards online. She even associates her eGift Cards with specific holidays, events to even a specific type of massage service. Lastly, she makes sure to verbally remind her customers every time they leave, we also sell eGift Cards online.

Like magic, Steffanie was selling thousands of dollars in eGift Cards a month!

Her client base boosted dramatically! To keep up with demand she had to raise her prices which only brought in more revenue.

Steffanie was very HAPPY that she set up her eGift Card Shop with Gift Card Suite and she recommends it to any small or Local Business that sells gift cards online.

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