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July 29, 2024
eGift Cards How To / Guide

eGift Cards - A Step by Step Guide 2024

Learn How to Sell eGift Cards For Your Local Business. In this blog post you will every thing you need to know about eGift Cards. If at the end of this article you are left with any questions than we ask you to contact us instantly to let us know. Let us continue reading our Step by Step Guide on eGift Cards.

What is an eGift Card?

An eGift Card is an electronic gift card. They work the same as plastic gift cards except they are purchased online & redeemed in-store.

eGift Card Definition

An eGift Card is short for an electronic gift card. eGift Cards can also go by Virtual Gift Cards, Digital Gift Cards or Online Gift Cards.

eGift Cards are a digital product that has a monetary value applied to it.

Once purchased by the gift giver, it is delivered via email or through other electronic devices to the recipient.

eGift Card Overview

Essentially the eGift Card is short for an electronic gift card. Take note that eGift Cards are given many different names. It really depends on which gift card company is selling them.

Some of the alternatives names given to egift cards are digital gift cards, e gift voucher, online gift cards, online gift certificates, virtual gift cards and more.

Want to Sell eGift Cards?

We know you want to learn more.

Well that’s why we are here, to help you sell eGift Cards.

If you want to find out secrets to easily make extra money.

It would be in your best interest to keep reading...

Guess how much the gift card industry earns each year?

Any Ideas?

Around 130 Billion Dollars...

This is proof that selling gift cards is the best thing you can do for your local business.

You know when you must buy a gift for someone and don’t know what to buy them.

What do you always end up getting them?

We thought so, and this is why this blog post is so important!

REMEMBER: Plastic gift cards cost you money because you must pay for the plastic cards up front, plus the cost of delivery.

IMAGINE: If you could take a chunk of this multi-billion-dollar industry and not have to spend a dime to start?

Your next question probably is …

What you can expect to gain from this post:

  • Increased Revenue
  • New Customers
  • A Happier Life :)

If you think more money and new customers are not worth reading this article, then this is not for you.

We only want Local Business Owners who care about their businesses success to read this.

Because you’re the type of person who deserves to easily make more money.

Why Sell eGift Cards?

eGift Cards is a proof of concepts that makes local business extra money. By not selling eGift Cards you are really losing money.

Selling eGift Cards will bring you new customers.

Think about it...

People don’t buy gift cards for themselves they buy gift cards for other people. So those other people will be NEW CUSTOMERS!

eGift Cards are digital certificates. They cost nothing up front in comparison to plastic gift cards.

e Gift Cards can be sold at any time! Even when your local businesses doors are closed. You can’t do this with those plastic gift cards. In addition to this advantage you sell your local business gift cards all the time even when you are sleeping.

How Do eGift Cards work?

Want to know How eGift Cards It Work? Well eGift Cards are easy to figure out.

Here is how eGift Cards works in a nutshell…

First create a gift card, set a gift card shop, connect to payment gateway, put your gift card shop online, now customers can buy e gift cards online instantly!

Then people can you use e gift cards in store. They can either print out the e-gift card from their email. Or they can use the mobile phone with the Gift Card Suite’s unique QR Code feature. In most cases your customer will have their Gift Card Number that you will use to identify their eGift Card to redeem in-store on your laptop or computer.

It really is that simple...

For a more in-depth break down follow these five simple steps. Which includes easy to follow tutorials that walk you through the entire process ?

Find below!

Step 1. How To Set Up Your Gift Card Suite Account

If you can complete these step then the rest of the steps with be a breeze.

Step 2. How To Name Your Gift Card Shop

Then name your gift card shop!

Time to name your gift card shop. Now you can say this is my gift card shop!

For local businesses its best to stick to the name of your store. This way your customers will know they are buying from your business.

Step 3. How to Create an eGift Card

Create an eGift Card!

Gift Card suite has made a simple gift card creator that anyone can use!

Your eGift Cards can be set to a monetary amount or for a specific service/product. Gift Card Suite allows you to create custom gift cards.

Step 4. How To Connect To A Payment Gateway

Connect to a Payment Gateway!

This is how you get paid for selling eGift Cards!

It takes seconds to connect to PayPal or Stripe. We highly recommend Stripe!

There is no set amount of money you need have to redeem the money earned from selling eGift cards online.

Step 5. How To Design Your Gift Card Shop

Design your eGift Card Shop.

This is where you design your gift card shop!

Where Do I Sell My Business eGift Cards?

Gift Card Suite is of course the #1 gift card website to create & sell your business gift cards.

This is the most important factors to your success, so pay close attention. It's very simple. Your customers MUST know you are selling eGift Cards in order for them to buy them.

The best place to sell your eGift Cards for your business is from your website. It is best practice to make it a link in your top navigation, a prominent home page slider or a widget that link to it, in either your footer of header of your businesses website.

Again, your Gift Card Shop MUST be visible and available to your customers!

egift card social media circle icon
egift card social media single icon
egift card social media square icon

Other places to promote your eGift Card shop on a regularly basis would your Facebook, twitter or social media accounts. Your businesses e-mail marketing. Or simply on your business card or print advertising.

When Do I Sell My eGift Cards?

NOW is the best to time to sell you egift cards.

If you own a business then let me repeat that NOW is the best time to start selling eGift Cards. Why? The answer to this 1 is easy because 365 days out of the year someone will always have a birthday.

With each season brings in new & various holidays to where you can really maximize your profits! From Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and more!

To even event based celebrations like graduations, anniversaries, bat mitzvahs, first communions and more!

Start now because it is so simple to set up. Gift Card Suite has been proven time and time again their successful e Gift Card platform. Bringing businesses extra money and new customers to businesses.

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Selling eGift Cards is Eco-Friendly

To add to the wonder of what the eGift Card is. It is also important to note that they are eco-friendly. As plastic cards are well known to be an enemy to our eco-system, destroying species to positioning water and lands.

eGift Cards are sent electronically through e-mail. No paper is required. As customers can easily redeem their gift card balance with their Gift Card Number because of our easy to use eGift Platfrom.

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