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August 8th, 2023
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Did you know gift cards made the top most searched product on Amazon last year?

Now that we are in 2023 it is time to adapt to the current and more popular ways customers purchase gift cards. What is evergreen is gift cards. Gift cards are here to stay because it makes for the perfect last-minute gift. Also, numbers don't lie. Gift cards generate billions of dollars for all types of businesses.

This should make you excited to sell gift cards online for your business.

Selling gift cards are a proven revenue stream for many types of businesses. To list a few business industries that would thrive selling gift cards online would be restaurants, massage therapy spas, gift shops, pet shops and more.

The question all business owners big and small need to ask themselves is this. What does the future of gift cards look like? Just don't ask yourself How do I sell gift cards online but how do I maximize my gift card sales for a business.

As mentioned before when the time on our calendar changes so does our societal values. For better or worse as an entrepreneur in 2023 you have to be on the top of your game as waves of technological innovations fill the smart markets with water worth its weight in gold.

One of the most prolific global issues that are becoming the main conversation of scientists, politicians, environmentalists to even your customers is plastic pollution.

If you are reading this as a skeptic and thinking this is one of those new trendy cause to follow, think again. Studies have shown that is we keep consuming plastic goods at the rate we are today in some decades we will make it impossible for life to survive in our seven seas.

Did you know that the ocean takes up 71 percent of our earth surface? If we keep choosing plastic over more environmentally friendly alternatives those fictional dystopian movies that keep coming out with eventually be our reality.

Be ahead of the curve not behind it. Many businesses small to big is already taking immediate action. For example, Starbucks one of the top five fast food restaurant chains in the world is moving away from providing plastic products. One day soon if not already you will walk into a Starbucks to find no disposable drinking straws available. Also in New York and many other states that put an additional fee for every plastic bag, you take when checking out your goods.

This is becoming law not just by the public court but also by the real courts. Here is the thing about all these decisions our government and big businesses are moving away from plastic. The bottom line is plastic pollution is a huge problem, there's no denying it, and if we want to continue the human race, we need to act today.

All of us should have already started yesterday because switching from plastic to other more eco-friendly alternatives won't only save the world but save your business a lot of money.

Everyone must bring something to the table in regards to contributing to help eliminate plastic pollution. Gift card suite is offering businesses an environmentally friendly and more profitable way to sell gift cards online.

With our eGift Card platform, they make it easy for all businesses who serve customers to make more money selling their businesses gift cards.

How is our solution more eco-friendly than the old plastic gift cards?

Simple we created a program the allows businesses to create custom digital gift cards to sell online. These electronic gift cards or eGift Cards for short is 100% plastic free.

Your business will make more money because now you are eliminating the expense of having to purchase the physical plastic gift cards. The cost of delivery for eGift Cards is free and instant.

On the other hand plastic gift cards cost money to ship and take however long you paid for your shipping method. eGIft cards can are sold an unlimited amount at no additional, unlike plastic gift cars. Plus if you sell gift cards online, your customers can buy them anytime, anywhere and whenever they want and be instantly emailed their eGift Card.

For plastic gift cards, customers only have access to purchase them during your business hours. With eGift cards, your customers will find it convenient to buy your egift cards even when your doors are closed.

Adapt with the times and boost your revenue while saving the world!

Sell Gift Cards Online!

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