How To Connect With A Payment Gateway

Step 1: Connect with a payment gateway

From your Dashboard, click "Connect with a payment gateway to get paid!" or click Payment Gateway in the left navigation menu under Shop Settings.

Step 2: Get Paid with Stripe or Paypal!

Connect to Stripe or Paypal to receive online payments from your customers. We highly recommend Stripe as it allows your store to have a seamless checkout process. With PayPal, customers will be redirected to PayPal to fill out their payment information. Using Stripe, your customer never leaves your website. Click the "Activate" button for either Stripe or Paypal and in minutes you will have the ability to get paid online!

Step 3: Success!

You are now connected to a payment gateway. In the example below, Stripe was selected but Paypal works perfect as well.

IMPORTANT: Click "Return to Dashboard" to complete the 2 other easy list items to start selling eGift Cards online!

Thank you for reading our how to connect to a payment gateway tutorial. If you have any questions you can reach us by email at, call our phone number (631) 600-3133 or chat with us using the button in the lower right corner. eGift Cards is a proven & easy way to make money online. In order to receive online payments you will need a payment gateway. We give you the options to connect to Paypal or Stripe. If you ever said "I want to sell gift cards on my website", well, Gift Card Suite is the best website for selling gift cards online. Get started now and connect to a payment gateway for new revenue generation.