Fathers Day Gift Card

August 15, 2024
fathers day gift card egift cards
Fathers Day Gift Card

The Top Selling Gift on Father's Day on 2024 is eGift Cards

1. eGift Cards can be purchased 24/7/365 from your iPhone or Android and can be instantly delivered to your Dad's email.

2. You are giving your Father the decision power. Let him decide what he wants because then there is no guessing on your part.

3. It's an eco-friendly product because it is 100% digital and will leave a zero carbon footprint. We highly disapprove of Plastic Gift Cards as they are only contributing to our worlds massive plastic pollution problem.

What Not To Buy on Father's Day?

Listen, take my advice as I am a Father, so I know why this is so true. Many years go by, and on Father's Day, we are gifted with tools, pens, and ties. Let me break down why each one of those is something maybe you should reconsider buying.

#1 Tools:

Chances are your Dad already has the tools he needs. Unless you ask him the specific tool, he needs chances are you won't get a tool that he doesn't already have. Plus most of the time they are purchased with a $20 dollar budget. This is fine, but you can't buy too many high-quality tools with just a twenty dollar bill.

#2 Pens:

Why are you buying anyone a pen as a gift? Pens are virtually free commodities in the United States. Pull open your desk drawer or wherever you keep your pens and pencils. Count how many pens you purchased yourself or received free from a Local Bank, School, Organization, Store, etc. Then count up how many pens you bought to use for your personal use. This alone should answer the riddle to why pens make for a horrible gift unless they are made of silver or gold.

#3 Ties:

Why are you buying me something I already have a whole treasure trove of? Also, it's a Sunday, the last thing we want is to be reminded of having to go back to work tomorrow. Lastly, most Father's who do enjoy a good tie have a particular taste for them. Unless you know exactly what your Father's taste in ties exactly then gives it a try. But if you don't expect that tie to living out the rest of its life in this closet. You may see your Dad wear it once briefly after Father's Day out of pity.

Who Spends The Most Money on Father's Day?

Do you think you know who spends the most money on Father's Day?

If you first say the sons and daughter spend the most on Father's Day, this is a given.

Our answer is not that broad because what value would we be providing if it was?

The answer to that question is nothing.

Here at Gift Card Suite, we only seek to provide small business owners with as much value as we can muster up. If you sell small business gift cards or want to make sure you're selling digital versions of them.

Let us go back to our original question.

When we ask you to guess who spends the most money on Father's Day, your follow now should be who is this "who" you are referring too?

If you asked that, first let us say good question before we provide you with the answer.

The "who" we are talking about is not one specific individual.

Neither are we referring to any specific type of relationship to the Father, himself.

We are speaking of the emerging generation that is entering the forefront of the United States. This new age group is coming in distinctly different from ones before and after.

To note further, this generation I am speaking of is now becoming the bosses at companies, political leaders, and having overall more influence in not just America but the entire world in 2024.

So, now let me ask you the more specific question.

Which generation do you think spends the most money on Father's Day? The answer is, "The Millenials."

If you are thinking, of course, it's them because when Baby Boomers were around it, the dollar bill was worth a lot less. In 2024 from the 1970s, the American Dollar has been tremendously inflated.

Take note for this article we are analyzing all money spent through a relative lense. This means it doesn't matter what decade it was because we adjust the dollar value of all generations to be comparable for this article.

It is not a matter of which Sons and Daughters cared to buy more for their Dad on Father's Day. There is a hidden X Factor that the Millenials have access to the prior generations lacked.

The X Factor is the availability to buy and to be able to deliver a Father's Day Gifts instantly.

Back in during the generation of the Baby Boomer's they had to make sure they purchased a gift from a store while it was open before Father's Day.

For Millenials, the perfect gift is now available to be purchased and delivered instantly to their Fathers.

The gift I am referring to is the Gift Card.

Your Conclusion:

Gift Cards themselves over the last decade has become the #1 gift to purchase anyone. Not just Father's but everyone likes to have a sense of control. A Gift Card provides the recipient with a sense of certainty because they won't have to pretend smile when they unwrap a potentially awkward gift. Every company sells gift cards and if they don't sell eGift Cards make sure you demand that they do!

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