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September 22, 2024
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Create Custom Gift Cards For Your Local Business

Read this Blog & discover how to create custom gift cards for your local business with Gift Card Suite!

Synopsis: Gift Card Suite makes it effortless for your business to create custom eGift cards.

Why is this Important: Because if you own a local business selling custom eGift cards will increase your sales and customer base.

More Customers Buy Custom Gift Cards in 2024

If customers buy custom gift cards then you need to start creating custom gift cards now! Because if you don't you're leaving money on the table. Last time we checked you're a Local Business owner who likes to earn money. Let us tell you a story about customers & creating custom gift cards.


You’re at your store behind your cash register.

A customer is buying one of your products or services worth $100 dollars.

This customer comes in often.

They love your business and you know it by the frequency of their presence in your store.

It makes you feel good to have a loyal customer like that.

A “Ka Ching” sound goes as you complete the transaction.

Then follows a “humming sound” of the receipt is printing out.


While the receipt is printed your loyal customer asks you a familiar question...

“Hey, do you sell gift cards?” - Your Loyal Customers

You look at your counter to only see business cards, maybe impulse purchase like candy bars or gum.

What’s missing is a gift card so you say, “I apologize, we don’t sell gift cards.”

The customer crumbles their receipt into their pocket and says, "You 100% should sell gift cards because it would make for the best birthday gift for my friend!”

You hear their footsteps clap towards the door.

A bell sound rings as they leave.

You turn attention back to your counter. Asking Yourself.

"Why do I not offer custom gift cards at my business?"

The answer to that question is now you will offer eGift Cards.

Do you want to make more money?

If YES, create custom gift cards.

If you don’t want to make more money. Then don’t create custom gift cards.

But, you want to create custom gift cards. I know this because you are still reading.

Now that I have your attention. Let's begin!

1. Custom Gift Cards

Custom Gift Cards

The value you are about to gain is more significant than any other article on how to create a custom gift card.

Remember this.

LIMITED OFFER: Try Gift Card Suite’s 7 days for free trial with a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. Hurry before this offer ends!

Make sure you remember that, you’ll see why later.

Custom Gift Card Definition:

The defintion of Custom Gift Card is "A customized card designed by a business owner with giving the recipient a specific monetary value for a good or service.

Why Custom Gift Cards?

Because your customers are buying custom gift cards that are virtual over plastic gift cards.

You must get with the 2024 technology!

Plastic Gift Cards are dated and costly.

Create custom eGift cards. Don’t create plastic custom gift cards.

eGift Cards are the present and future. Plastic gift cards are the past and a burden.

If you want to learn more read this blog post titled eGift Cards vs Gift Cards

You may ask why should I create custom eGift cards?

Top 3 Reasons Why You Must Create Custom eGift Cards for Your Business

1. Increase Profits


Gift Card Suite makes it effortless for you to create custom eGift cards.

The customer simply buys your eGift card online and is instantly delivered via email to the receipt.

Like clockwork.

The custom gift card receipt will come into your business to redeem their eGift Card.

First proof of increasing sales.

We all know 90% of the time customers and even you will spend more than the specific value on a gift card.

Second proof of increasing sales.

Chances are the buyer of the eGift card knows the eGift card recipient’s interests.

They decided to buy an eGift card from your business for their friend because of a reason.

It’s because the buyer knew the receipt would love your business.

This results in a new customer you didn’t have before.

Third proof of increasing sales.

2. Improve Your Brand Awareness


Offering eGift cards for your business means you are serious about what you do.

If you create a custom eGift card it speaks even louder volumes.

It says you took the extra effort to make an eGift card that is specialized and stands out.

First proof of improving your brand awareness.

Plus, when you create your custom eGift card you will have your businesses logo on it.

Having your own branded custom eGift cards will 100% increase the perceived value of your business.

Second proof of improving your brand awareness.

In the case of an eGift card recipient printing out their custom eGift card.

They will put it in their wallet.

This acts as a credit card sized billboard.

Free advertising.

Yes, you are getting paid to advertise for free.

Third proof of improving your brand awareness.

3. Promotions to Grow Your Business


How much money have you wasted of mailers, flyers and print advertisements?

Ok breathe, because we promise you won’t have to waste your time or money anymore.

You must start saving and making money with our promotions!

Let us tell you how.

During the holidays.

It's Christmas, Hanukkah or Valentine’s Day.

With Gift Card Suite…

Create a Custom Gift Card for the holiday in minutes and begin to sell eGift Cards instantly.

How much did it cost you to create those custom eGift Cards?

It didn’t.

You just discovered an innovated way to promote your business on steroids.

Join the 100 of thousands of businesses who are making more money for their business selling custom eGift cards.

Create custom eGift cards for your business.

Did you remember?

Hurry before it’s too late and try Gift Card Suite’s 7 days for free trial with a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Don’t leave money on the table.

Sell eGift Cards for your business now!

Sell Gift Cards for Your Local Business!

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