Sell eGift Cards on Buy eGift Cards

Sell eGift Cards on Buy eGift Cards

Are you a business owner the sells eGift Cards online?

If yes, you have been missing out on an easy way to make more money. Do you like leaving money on the table? We didn't think so otherwise you wouldn't still be reading this.

Inside this article, we'll tell you the secrets on how to effortlessly sell more eGift Cards for your business. Ok, business owners now that I have your attention. Let's start with a little story. Almost every day at our office, we were receiving live chat messages, e-mails, and phone calls.

All of them had one thing in common.

    They were looking to buy egift cards instead of wanting to sell egift cards.

  • Do you know precisely what Gift Card Suite does?
  • Who is gift card site for?
  • Do you even know why it was created in the first place?

Let's answer those questions in order:

Gift Card Suite is an eGift Card Platform that allows business owners to create their custom eGift Cards to sell online.

Gift Card Suite is a business to business company.

Due to the high demand of requests by customers to buy gift cards online we created the sister site Buy eGift Cards.

Buy eGift Cards is a Business to Customer business model.

Now when we are contacted by customers and not a business owner we can provide them with a solution.

The difference between the two online websites is Gift Card Suite is for business owners and Buy eGift Cards is for customers.

We also own a long island web design company called Imagi Digital. One of our clients requested to sell gift cards on their local businesses website. At this time we have never developed a program like this before but what drives our ambition is taking on new challenges. Especially if they are to help our clients and or customers.

At Imagi Digital we have genius programmers that can create any solution! We were elated when we built this eGift Card Platform for our client's website. At this point in our companies history, this was the largest and most complex project we took on.

What we developed was more significant than a simple business gift certificate template. It was indeed an online program masterpiece.

Are you wondering how much money it earned for our clients business? We will tell but first, take in mind this was a small local business in a quiet town.

We had no clue what to expect as far as sales we were just focused on developing the best, most effective and user-friendly eGift Card Platform.

Guess how much this small business earned with the custom gift card platform within their first year?

Drum roll, please!

Over fourteen thousand dollars!

Each year our client began to earn more and more with the egift card platform we created.

At this moment we realized we needed to make this program available to every business!

We want to see local business grow and make more money.

Now that you know what, who and why to let us tell you why you should be very excited right now if own a small business.

Ever since Buy eGift Cards went, live consumers nation-wide began buying up the eGift Cards we featured on our brand new gift card shop. On this business to customer website, we offered famous and familiar brands like Starbucks eGift Cards, Panera Bread, and Game Stop.

We love our customers on Gift Card Suite, so upon request, we may feature your businesses eGift Card shop on our e-commerce sister site, Buy eGift Cards. As soon as we listed our clients on Buy eGift Cards they saw an instant boost in sales.

We are well versed in geographical search engine optimization, so if you have a local business, you will still succeed by being featured on Buy eGift Cards. Especially if your local business is on Long Island, NY because this is where our headquarters is located. Plus we have a Long Island community website that benefits the citizens and businesses. The website is called Long Island Hub and receives over 100 thousand views a month! We have a special surprise gift for you!

If you own a local Long Island, NY business and sell eGift cards with Gift card suite get excited because we have a special surprise gift for your business.

Drum roll, please!

We will feature your eGift Cards for sale on Long Island Hub in addition to Buy eGift Cards! This will double your sales, and you will be ranking on Google with ease!

Now and then we get a call from a customer, and they ask if we sell or trade plastic gift cards. The answer to that one will always be 100% no we do not sell plastic gift cards or deal with them in any fashion. We value our environment and are a proud eco-friendly company. By only selling and working with digital gift cards we are helping business industries from contributing to plastic pollution.

The issue of plastic pollution has become a global epidemic. Countless species on our planet are traumatically affected by this disaster. All animals are at a huge risk of extinction whether they live on the land, swim in the waters or fly in the sky. Take in mind we consider ourselves different from humans, but we are still mammals. Plastic pollution is not curbed immediately could be our demise.

Ok business owner.

Let me ask you this.

Do you want to sell more eGift Card online?

Updated 2020

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