The Ultimate Guide to eGift Cards 2020

Published 2020

The Ultimate eGift Cards Guide 2020

What is an eGift Card

Read below to see the most frequently asked questions about eGift cards.

An e Gift Card is an electronic gift card. e Gift Cards work almost identical to the familiar plastic gift cards except they are purchased and redeemed virtually. e Gift Cards superior because they can be bought 24/7/365 by consumers making for the perfect last-minute gift. eGift Cards can be sold and buy online and instantly delivered via email to the recipient. e Gift Cards are a digital product that has a monetary value applied to it. There is one thing you need to do to insure the future success of your Local Business, and that is to Sell eGift Cards.

List 9 Alternatives Names For eGift Cards:

  1. Digital Gift Cards
  2. eGift Voucher
  3. e Gift Cards
  4. Online Gift Cards
  5. Electronic Gift Cards
  6. Online Gift Certificates
  7. Virtual Gift Cards
  8. eGift Certificates
  9. Email Gift Cards

Who Must Start Selling eGift Card

Business owners need to start selling gift cards online instantly using the #1 eGift Card Platform Gift Card Suite. To be specific Local Business Owners benefits more by offering this sustainable gift card solution.

Can we get more specific on what type of local businesses need to start selling e Gift Cards?

Yes, we can and the answer is Local Millennial Business Owners.

Millennial’s are the most significant generation now and for the next 30 years. People born from the 70s to when the ball dropped and brought in the new millennium have a completely different set of values from baby boomers.

Millennials are the most responsive generation when it comes to adopting new technological inventions. Unlike most Baby Boomers, Millennials are the dog that always wants to learn new tricks no matter how old they get.

What people believe and value is what dictates their behavior. Millennials care about supporting eco-friendly businesses they are aware of the pending doom if we don’t start going green fast! e Gift Cards is on the rise and becoming our times most popular green solution.

In 2020 will profit the most by selling e Gift Cards for their local business. This is because the Millennial generation grew up using the internet and computers. The former generation has been statistically proven to use paper over digital. Baby Boomers aren't the most tech-savvy and will often opt out of learning how to use an e Gift Card Platform.

Want to know what you to expect to gain from reading this eGift Card blog post?

A Millennial is the definition of the generation of people who were born between the years 1970 to 2000. Capping the generation group at the second Millennium is most likely where the inspiration for this generation moniker was inspired.

Top 5 Useful Facts That Will Enhance Your Life & Business

  1. Make More Money
  2. Be A part of Ending Plastic Pollution
  3. New & Intelligent Customers
  4. Support an Eco-Friendly Business
  5. A life that is more fulfilling and happier :)

Ultimately at the end of the day you have to ask yourself this question because it is the secret sauce to whether you will succeed or not.

Let us dive in deeper into our Digital New World so you can go green in business both financially and environmentally.

eGift Cards

Millennial Local Business Owner asks, “Why should I start selling e Gift Cards because I need to have certainty it will actually deliver real benefits to my local business?”

Great question and by the way give yourself a pat on the back. Actually, pat your back right now, it will feel good and you deserve it. Because the fact that you’re still reading says a lot about your character. It says you’re an ambitious go getter and you care about only selling eco-friendly products.

Gift Card Suite was born original from our Long Island Web Design Company. Our policy of at our still active and thriving digital marketing agency is that we only work with people who share our values. We know we are the best at what we do but are humble at the same time. For this reason, we will only build up entrepreneurs who are looking to create sustainable companies.

Gift Cards for Small Business

We only want local and small business owners who care about their businesses success to read this because you're the type of person who deserves to make more money quickly. Take a look at this list List of Top 10 Types of Local Businesses to see if you're type of business is listed.

Crazy New Gift Card Statistics

Gift Cards as of May 2019 ranked as the 39th most search product on Amazon and let me tell you if you didn’t already know Amazon makes up over 85% of ALL online eCommerce transactions.

Thanks to Ahrefs for gathering this date because it serves as proof sell gift cards are always going to be profitable for any type of business. Here is some statistics that will surprise you.

How Much Money Is Spent On Gift Cards Annually


For better or worse Amazon has dominated the business model of selling goods in a physical store. Local Business shops are on the endanger business and are chomping away at big retail companies like Target, J. C. Penney and Best Buy.

Even putting a lot of them out of business or file for bankruptcy like Radio Shack, Sears, Charlotte Russe, Brookstone, Payless and that’s just naming a handful. Amazon has zero physical retail stores but are the #1 Retail Store in the United States of America.


Now PAY Attention CLOSELY to this next TIP because you will be surprised that you never noticed this economic evolution that happened in plain sight.

  1. Travel to your local neighborhood strip mall. The beauty of this is you don’t even have to leave your house because you can use Google Maps Street View.

  2. Looking at your nearby strip mall begin to read the business names within the center.

  3. Grab a pen and pad or use your phone to do some kindergarten level math.

  4. Add up the Service Based businesses and separately Add up the Retail Stores.

  5. Finally, look at your results.

Did you add up more service Service Based Businesses than Retail Shops?

Service Based Local Businesses need to be AWARE of the FACT that this is today’s reality and tomorrows reality may be different.


  • As the Millennial generation values supporting their local communities and buying local vs buying corporate you have to ask what is really at stake?

  • Do we want big businesses to more or less monopolize and the lobby and hide?

  • We know Amazon has dominated the retail industry so you must ask will they set their sights on conquering your Local Service Based Businesses?

If you’re living in 2020 you’ll notice that Service Based businesses are on the rise and Retail Stores are on their way out.

We are not debating whether Amazon is good or bad we are just laying out the fact that businesses that sell products are dying. What Amazon hasn’t dominated yet hopefully is the service based industry.

This is something we are debating because...

do we want every aspect of consumer purchasing to owned by giant corporate conglomerates?

Most Millennials are 100% opposed to this dystopian idea and for good reason.

Many Baby Boomers will tell you that big businesses are not a bad thing because they create a lot of jobs This may be true, but they also destroy a lot of local businesses and turns our mass population in herds of sheep vs having an entrepreneurial spirit.

As a Millennial myself I believe in supporting Local Businesses.

Buying local keeps enriches your neighborhood's economy and puts more money in the pockets of the people doing the real work.

Businesses are not an incredible challenge to build and let me prove it. Think about every single boss you had throughout your entire life and ask how smart were they really?

Exactly haha.

It's Common Sense!

MORE Local Businesses means more money in MORE people’s pockets.

More Big Businesses means LESS MONEY... in more people’s pockets...

Examine the former and latter and what is the right thing ethically is pretty clear.

Why Sell e Gift Cards?

e Gift Cards is proof of concepts that make local business extra money. By not selling e Gift Cards, you are losing money.

Selling eGift Cards will bring you, new customers.

Think about it because people don't buy gift cards for themselves they purchase gift cards for other people. So those different people will be new customers!

eGift Cards are digital. They cost nothing upfront in comparison to plastic gift cards.

Digital gift cards can be available for purchase at any time even when your local businesses doors are closed! You can't do this with those plastic gift cards. In addition to this advantage, you sell your local business gift cards all the time, even when you are sleeping.

How do e Gift Cards work?

Want to know how it works. Well, e Gift Cards are easy to figure out.

Here is how e Gift Cards works in a few sentences.

First, create a gift card, set a gift card shop, connect to the payment gateway, put your gift card shop online, now customers can buy e gift cards online instantly!

For a more in-depth break down follow these four simple steps. Which includes easy to follow tutorials that walk you through the entire process.

How To Make Gift Cards For Your Business

Step 1. Create a Gift Card

Watch this Youtube Video How to Create an eGift Card for more indepth details.

Gift Card suite has made a simple gift card creator that anyone can use! Your eGift Cards can be set to a monetary amount or for a specific service/product. Gift Card Suite allows you to create custom gift cards.

Step 2. How to Name your eGift Card Shop

Time to name your gift card shop. Now you can say this is my gift card shop! For local businesses, it's best to stick to the name of your store. This way, your customers will know they are buying from your company. Most businesses who sign up on Gift Card Suite use to their preexisting websites name. Keeping everything consistent like your businesses name is essential for building a strong online brand.

Watch this Youtube Video How to Name your Shop for more indepth details.

3. Connect to a payment gateway

Connect because this is how you get paid for selling eGift Cards! It takes seconds to connect to PayPal or Stripe. We highly recommend Stripe! There is no set amount of money you need have to redeem the money earned from selling eGift cards online.

Watch this Youtube Video How to Connect to a Payment Gateway for more indepth details.

4. Design your eGift Card Shop

This is where you design your gift card shop!

Watch this Youtube Video How to Design your Gift Card Shop for more indepth details.

What is the Best Gift Card Program?

Gift Card Suite.

Gift Card Suite strongly supports Local and Small business over big corporations, and it helps that we are known as the best eGift Card Platform. It is only natural to know that Gift Card Suite is the best gift card program for small business.

This is one of the most critical factors to your success, so pay close attention. Your customers MUST know you are selling eGift Cards for them to buy them. Again, your Gift Card Shop MUST be visible and available to your customers!

The best place to sell your eGift Cards for your business is from your website. It is best practice to make it a link in your top navigation, a prominent home page slider or a widget that link to it, in either your footer of header.

Promote your eGift Card shop regularly your Facebook, Twitter, or social media accounts. Your businesses email marketing strategy and sales funnel. Or directly on your business card or print advertising.

When should I sell my eGift Cards?

Now is the best time to start selling eGift Cards.


Because 365 days out of the year someone will always have a birthday.

With each season brings new holidays to where you can maximize your profits! From Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and more.

To even event-based celebrations like graduations, anniversaries, bat mitzvahs, first communions and more!

Start now because it is so simple to set up. Gift Card Suite has been proven time and time again, their successful eGift Card platform. They are bringing businesses extra money and new customers to businesses.

Need to learn more about our eGift Card services? View Here

Do You Want To Support Sustainable Companies?

Selling eGift Cards is Eco-Friendly. It is also important to note that they are eco-friendly as plastic cards are well known to be an enemy to our eco-system, destroying species to positioning water and lands.

eGift Cards are sent electronically through email. No paper is required as customers can quickly redeem their gift card balance online!

Want to know more about eGift Cards? If yes, read this valuable article titled, Sell eGift Cards Online.

What Do You Believe?

Now in the year 2020 and as we journey into 2020, Service Based Businesses are only going to keep going on the rise! Statistics show that Local Millennial Business Owners are MOST likely to adopt the future of gift cards.

In Conclusion

Gift Card Suite offer the best gift card program for small businesses. Our eGift Card Platform is very user friendly but mostly Millennial Business Owners gravitate towards newer technologies. eGift Cards earn and save more money plus they are an eco-friendly product. eGift Cards is the evolution of the old plastic and dying gift card. The demand for this type of product will remain and you be able to supply. Go green by selling digital gift cards. What if you could take a chunk of this multi-billion-dollar industry and not have to spend a dime on starting?

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